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Get Started Tutorial on The Gift Guide

Welcome to The Gift Guide! We are thrilled for you to join us on our mission to simplify the gifting process. We have included an overview of how to get started on The Gift Guide here. You can also go through a step-by-step tutorial by clicking the “get started tutorial” button below:

1. Sign up

Sign up today and follow the prompts to create your account.

2. Build your profile

Your profile is where friends and family come to find your upcoming events, customized wish list, along with your favorite items and stores.

View tutorial

3. Set up notifications

Select how you’d like to receive notifications for your loved ones’ upcoming events.

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4. Find & invite friends

When you follow friends on The Gift Guide, all of their most important dates are automatically added to your calendar. This feature also enables you to receive reminders in advance, so you never miss an important date again.

Can’t find a loved one on the gift guide? Send them an invitation to join.

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5. Install “Add To The Gift Guide” button

With the “add to the gift guide button,” you can easily add items to your wish list from your favorite online stores with a single click. here is how to install it:

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6. Add to wish list

Add to your wish list to help your loved ones find the perfect gift(s) for your special occasion(s).

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7. Mark items as purchased and received

Once you have purchased or received a gift, you will want to mark it as “purchased” or “received” as to avoid duplicates. Don’t worry, they will not see this, keeping the gift a surprise.

View tutorial- item purchased

View tutorial- item received

8. Share

Share profiles, gift ideas or items from your wish list.

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Need help? Visit our FAQs page for further step-by-step instructions or contact us.

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